Air Force Suspension Air Suspension Struts for 89~93 Acura INTEGRA DA6 (RR EYE)

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Air Force Suspension Air Suspension Struts for 89~93 Acura INTEGRA DA6 (RR EYE)
AirForce Suspension steps you up into the 21st century with the latest technology in air ride suspension systems straight from Japan! No longer a general universal style bag on a factory strut, AirForce utilizes custom damped and built coilover bodies with air bag to provide you the best of all worlds! No need to sacrifice ride to be low. The AirForce air ride struts provide you with a 36 position dampener for the best ride, combined with the static adjustment from the fully threaded bodies lower adjustable spindle , top plates with rubber pillow ball mount for self adjusting camber (1-2 degrees average) are also standard! and then the dynamic motion of the air bag. Can you say SLAMMED! Add optional fully adjustable camber plates, where applicable, for the ultimate stance. AirForce Suspension combines these high tech struts/bags with your choice of management systems from mild to wild to suit your needs and budget. Choose from Manual Paddles, The new entry level digital bluetooth controlled 3S, the tried and true V2 Autopilot, or the top selling 3P 3H. All kits are complete with everything you need to bolt right in and get LOW.(Some kits may require the welding of spring cups). NOTE; EACH KIT IS BUILT TO ORDER AND SHIPS IN STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY OVER SEAS . FOR STRUTS PLEASE ALLOW 4-5 WEEKS DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP ON AVERAGE. Management system ship with our standard timelines. NOTE Stock generic photos are used in this listing and your actual setup will/may differ than what is pictured
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